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A little of our story!


The good book says that all things work together for good….. And that is how Milky Express was birthed. Like every newlywed, I looked for to being pregnant, having a beautiful baby and being a great mum. I thank God that all this happened but the process was not how I had imagined it to be.

I had somewhat of a difficult pregnancy, a dramatic delivery of a beautiful baby girl (Lani Med) and what became one of the most shocking and frustrating moments of my life. I never knew people had problems breast feeding. I had always imagined it would be seamless process as it is the first duty of a new mum. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!

I did not lactate for about 3 months after my baby was born. I tried everything in the book; pap, tea, etc, no solutions. I cried many times, was so depressed and even felt unfit to be a mum simply because I could breast feed my child.
With a lot of research and study, I was finally able to breastfeed my daughter and did so till she was 2 years old. This inspired my quest to be a lactation specialist and to offer similar solutions to other women facing the same challenges.

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