Hello mama today on our educative post is jaundice in babies.
Like I will always say read up cos someone you know might need this information

Many newborn babies become jaundiced—getting a yellow discoloration to their skin and eyes from high levels of bilirubin (hyperbilirubinemia). Often normal, most newborns with physiological jaundice will have jaundice levels that return to normal without any treatment. They usually have too much bilirubin because their immature liver can’t clear it quickly enough, leading to rising levels on days two and three and a
peak by day four of five after they are born.
A baby can still be exclusively breast fed if they have jaundice. The key is to ensure the baby is getting enough milk to be able to excrete the excess bilirubin.
Jaundice Signs and Symptoms
Babies develop jaundice, a yellowish discoloration of their skin and the white parts of their eyes, as bilirubin builds up in their blood and skin.

Warning signs and symptoms that a baby’s jaundice might be getting to a dangerously high level might include:
not feeding well

having a high-pitched cry
dark urine or light stools