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Milky Express is a company founded out of love for babies and their welfare.

The company focuses on raising the next generation of healthy strong children by providing adequate care and support to their mothers during the breastfeeding period.

We focus on meeting the mothers needs during breastfeeding by producing and offering products that can enhance both the quality and the quantity of milk produced. We also offer support in terms of consultation. Our in-house Lactation consultant who was trained by Lactation Education Resources in the United State has been equipped with the skills and the empathy to train mothers on the proper way to breastfeed that would meet her needs as well as to help them identify and bring solution to whatever challenges she may be facing.

Our Story

The good book says that all things work together for good….. And that is how Milky Express was birthed. Like every newlywed, I looked for to being pregnant, having a beautiful baby and being a great mum. I thank God that all this happened but the process was not how I had imagined it to be.

I had somewhat of a difficult pregnancy, a dramatic delivery of a beautiful baby girl (Lani Med) and what became one of the most shocking and frustrating moments of my life. I never knew people had problems breast feeding. I had always imagined it would be seamless process as it is the first duty of a new mum. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!

I did not lactate for about 3 months after my baby was born. I tried everything in the book; pap, tea, etc, no solutions. I cried many times, was so depressed and even felt unfit to be a mum simply because I could breast feed my child.
With a lot of research and study, I was finally able to breastfeed my daughter and did so till she was 2 years old. This inspired my quest to be a lactation specialist and to offer similar solutions to other women facing the same challenges.

Our Products


Our cookies is every mother delight. Its crunchy and delicious and is able to change your breastfeeding journey.


Contains a blend of organic ingredients designed to encourage the flow of breast milk. They optimize the quantity and quality of breast milk while and provides calming effects that may reduce stress and tension, prompting the milk letdown reflex.


A blend of fruits and highly nutritious herbs with a rich source of essential vitamins designed to optimize healthy lactation and enhance nutrition in breast milk.

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