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Frequently Asked Question

Is your product fatten?

NO, for mothers on weight loss journey we advise the tea and the shakes

How do I take the tea?

Pour boiling hot water, in a cup put one tea bag allow to steep for 10mins then drink, repeat morning and night

Can I add sugar or drink it like that?

You can any sweetener or flavor of your choice but no milk

How do I take the granola?

Take the granola like you take your cereal or take with yogurt

How do I take the shake?

Add a table spoon of the shake on your cereal, pap, garri, yoghurt, soups and smoothie

How do I eat the cookies?

Eat two cookies a day

Does the tea contain fenugreek?


What is the shelf life for each product?

Tea and shake- 1year

Smoothie, cookies -6months

Can a non breastfeeding mom take your product?


Can an expectant mom take your product?

Yes but with the tea she can start at 37 weeks

Can a mother that got her child through surrogacy take your product?

Yes, our product can also help with inducing lactation

Can a mom of a premature baby take it?


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